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United Schools Associates (USA) was co-founded by an educator and a veteran insurance-industry team leader to serve educators. As a school worksite/voluntary benefits company, USA specializes in bringing world-class benefits programs to the education community, namely paycheck protection/income replacement, cash-up-front critical illness plans, life insurance, retirement/savings plans and other supplemental benefits programs to the education community workforce.

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When it comes to worksite supplemental benefits, USA takes out all the guesswork. We have partnered with major insurance carriers—and the carriers we represent are all A.M. Best A-rated, with decades of experience and proven service to their clients.

USA was born to provide extraordinary service. In addition to outstanding supplemental benefits, we offer an array of additional support programs to the education community. We seek not only to satisfy our clients, but to AMAZE you through best-in-class service.


United Schools Associates, headquartered near Washington D.C. in Bowie, Maryland, is an insurance agency specializing in supplemental insurance benefits for the education community. We take pride in offering financial benefits to educators’ when they need them the most.

Our products consist of various paycheck and lifestyle-protection programs, including accident, critical illness, cancer, paycheck protection (disability), hospital indemnity, and life insurance programs

We protect our clients and their families from the financial hardship that often occurs with a critical illness, accident, or loss of life. Our supplemental and enhanced insurance programs help educators and their families pay for expenses typically not covered by their comprehensive medical plans.

The cash benefits (often tax-free) are paid directly to the client to use for out-of-pocket medical and non-medical costs, such as: loss of income;  transportation costs, food, lodging, and long-distance phone costs; long convalescence (recovery); childcare expenses; deductible and co-insurance from major medical providers; forced liquidation of tangible assets; and other unforeseen expenses.

In most cases, the programs our insurance agency offers are portable, meaning you can take them with you, should you change jobs or retire. Additionally, they’re guaranteed renewable for life.

Contact us at (844) 872-4968 to find out more about our supplemental insurance benefits.


United Schools Associates was born to serve . We believe you can have anything you want in life, if you help enough people
get what they want. It is our intention not only  to satisfy our clients and team members, but also to amaze them
through world-class service.

Contact us at (844) 872-4968  to learn more about our insurance agency.