United Schools Associates (USA) is pleased to facilitate your access to Think It Up,.
a student-powered projects from Donors Choose.
With Think It Up, students and teachers develop projects that draw on students’ passions and
help them pursue their educational goals.

Step 1: Think it up

The best learning projects happen when everyone’s involved students and teachers!
Brainstorm your idea together (students, get a head start on writing your project ideas.)

Step 2: Create and share

Teachers: create your student-powered class project, and describe the project’s impact.
DonorsChoose.org will process each project request,
then you can share it with family and friends to help fund it!

Step 3: Get it done

When your project is funded, DonorsChoose.org will ship your materials directly to your school.
Then, get to work and make it a reality! Don’t forget to take photos along the way,
thank the donors, and tell USA and  Donor Choose all about your students’ success.

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